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Disrupting the financial system,
one bit at a time.

Austracapitals is one of the world's largest and most trusted investment brand in the digital finance industry

Since inception, Austracapitals has strived to bring professional crypto investment services to the world of digital assets. With the best of the team's years of experience in FinTech along with the power of blockchain technology, Austracapitals empowers thousands of people to harness the value behind their crypto assets, shaping a new, better financial system.

Austracapitals started as a local investment company situated in Australia. Today Austracapitals with expertise in blockchain development and finance, we are the fastest growing brand in the crypto investment market

We specialise in short-medium term positions in large-cap cryptocurrencies and major Forex markets. Our board of investment and trade research specialists include experienced traders with great amount of institutional exposure at top financial and banking institutions, and are constantly working on implementing most effective and advanced trading technology and competitive services for our clients.

Our trading professionals take mostly short-term positions and in some cases medium-term positions across large-cap cryptocurrency markets and make use of volatility of the market to make profits. At Austracapitals, we do keep regular brainstorming sessions to our traders, produce trade ideas, debate on the ideas and implementation, encourage innovation and develop advanced technical knowledge to maximise fund performance while minimising risks. The company persuades machine learning and statistical modelling systems in cryptocurrency exchanges and Forex markets, thus regularly monitoring the markets to identify and capture trading opportunities. We encourage developing mathematically- formalized strategic tool to trade liquid markets and procure great profit, which otherwise would have produced low returns due to traditional strategies. Various market-neutral and long/short strategies are applied to futures markets on some of the largest exchanges, enabling both low transaction costs and high liquidity at all times.

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Mission, Vision & Values

A service made with our clients in mind



Austracapitals is committed to successfully solving inefficiencies in the crypto investment markets by creating innovative, convenient and sustainable solutions. By harnessing the potential behind blockchain technology, Austracapitals is pioneering a new digital financial system.



We see a future for the financial world where all assets are tokenized on-chain and people have efficient ways to transfer or manage their funds. At Austracapitals, we always look ahead which is why we’ve designed our products to be seamless, secure and instant.



Austracapitals’s values are rooted in efficiency, transparency and inclusivity. This is reflected in our fully-automated products, transparent processes and our extensive efforts to develop a truly global service that makes wealth creation opportunities available to everyone, providing accessible banking services for the unbanked.

Our Core Value


We continuously keep ourselves updated on market movements and search for the best opportunities in trading markets, which aids in getting high returns.


As a financial institution, we strive to be honest and disciplined in all that we do. We and our staff maintain highest ethical standards and understand the importance of keeping our clients’ information strictly confidential.


We have a strong trading and investment track record with stable, strong and experienced support team.


We scour the cryptocurrency and Forex markets for the best available trading opportunities, so subsequently our clients can reap the rewards.


Our professionals have wide range of experience and carry out disciplined trading strategy.